The Stars of New Ohio Wrestling!

See the rising stars of today and the future legends of tomorrow.  New Ohio Wrestling is committed to the development of young sports-centric entertainers by providing professional wrestlers an opportunity to hone their art as they ascend to the apex of our industry.

New Ohio Wrestling looks forward to playing a pivotal role in providing major league wrestling franchises the next generation of iconic, professional wrestling luminaries.

New Ohio Wrestling Champions

NOW Champion
"The Show"
Robby "Super" Starr
robby starr.png
Arnold SportsWorld Kids
& Teens Expo Champion
"The Black
Superman" Onyx

Men's Roster

"Big Fish" Rembowski
"Big Guns" Jeff Cannon
"Darkstar" Matt Taylor
big fish rembowski.png
jeff cannon.png
matt taylor.png
"Gigolo" Jock Samson
jock samson.png
"Sweet Dreams"
Sless Taylor
"The Big Bear" Benjamin Boone
"The Dominican Hercules" Luis Casanova
"The Made Man"
Gino Decapo
sless taylor.png
benjamin boone.png
luis casanova.png
gino decapo.png
"The Natural"
Ethan Wright
"The New Beginning"
Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham
"The Prince of Broadway"
Frankie Flynn
"The Professional" Brandon Fields
ethan wright.png
dr, daniel c rockingham.png
frankie flynn.png
brandon fields.png
"The Savage Gentlemen"
Victor Benjamin
"The Spray Tanned Steven Spielberg"
Derek Direction
"The Systematic"
Eric Fallen
The Thief of Hearts"
Aren Daniel Norman
Victor Benjamin.jpg
derek direction.png
eric fallen.png
aren daniel norman.png
"The White Trash Maniac"
Ron Mathis
ron mathis.png
"The World's Most
Huggable Wrestler"
Bryan Castle
"True Grit" Bruce Grey
"Agent Orange"
Juice Jennings
bruce grey.png
juice jennings.png
"Electric" Jake Ely
jake ely.png
"No Shame"
Jimmy Shane
"The Baddest Man Alive"
Aaron Williams
jimmy shane.png
aaron williams.png
"The Handlebar Haberdasher"
Marion Fontaine
"The Mane Event"
Justin Mane
"The Stretcher"
James Avery
Brandon Day
marion fontaine.png
justin mane.png
james avery.png
brandon day.png
Alex Matthews
alex matthews.png
Bryen Douglass
Buddy "The Bulldog"
Chuck "The Truck" Morris
bryen douglas.png
buddy the bulldog.png
chuck the truck.png
Crosshairs Kelly
crosshairs kelly.png
Jake Something
Jaxon Argos
Jaxon Argos.png
Joshua Singh
Magnum CK
Papa Dingo
magnum ck.png
papa dingo.png
Pat "The Bruiser"
Sherman Tank
Trik Nasty
pat the bruiser.png
sherman tank.png
trik nasty.png
Urijah Baylor
urijah baylor.png

Women's Roster

Queen Aminata
Zoey Skye
"All Hero"
Rudy Jordan
Lady Frost
zoey skye.png

NOW Manager's

Lil O
Ripper Blackhart
"The Golden Idol"
Mark Koval
David Barnabas Spector
David Barnabus Spector.jpg

NOW Special Guests

Bob "Hardcore" Holly
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bob Holly.JPG

NOW Staff

Donnie Hoover
Terrie Hoover
John Orlando
Play-By-Play Commentary
"Hot Commodity"
Matt Mason
Color Commentary
Terrie Hoover.jpg
Adam Michaels
Play-By-Play Commentary
Drew Hanson
Color Commentary
Mike Ripple
Ring Announcer
J.R. Judy
Ring Announcer
Jim Millspaugh
Ring Announcer
Jimmy McDowell
Ring Announcer
Mike Knapp
Ring Announcer
Dave Kich
Ring Announcer
Jimmy McDowell.JPG
Dave Kiche.jpg
Keith "Papa Smurf" Smith
Senior Official
Tim Tatum
NOW Official
Peachy Rodriguez
NOW Official
Brandon Skinner
NOW Official
Tim Tatum.jpg
Brandon Skinner.jpg
Logan Lynn
NOW Official
Brittany Murphy
Graphic Designer
David Stockwell
NOW Photographer
Mallory Lynde
NOW Photographer
Dirk Cunningham
NOW Film Crew
Robert Adams
NOW Film Crew
Revae Butler
National Anthem
Bill Miller
NOW Security
Robert Adams.JPG
Bill Miller.jpg