The NOW Training Center Partners With Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy!

New Ohio Wrestling and the Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy have partnered up to bring quality pro wrestling training to the NOW Training Center...

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New Ohio Wrestling
Opens The Doors To
The Training Center

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The NOW Training Center will be the most up-to-date training and fitness center of it's kind offering:


- A full sized 18' professional wrestling ring 

- Fitness and workout equipment 

- Professional Wrestling Training with the Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy

- WrestleFit - A series of fitness/cardio training programs centered on the warm up and cardio training of professional wrestling. All the fun of being in a pro wrestling ring, without all the bumps and bruises

- WrestleFit Jr. - A series of fitness/cardio training programs, made for kids, centered on the warm up and cardio training of professional wrestling


- Ring time for trained professional wrestlers 


- Nutritional supplements and "Done-For-You" meals


Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears

Ringside for the Championship Match


New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) had a 4-man tournament to crown the first ever Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Champion on March 2nd at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival held at the Ohio Expo & Fairgrounds.

During the final championship match, Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself, appears out of no where and goes to ringside to support the match and do a Snapchat Live for the fans.​

During his visit, he seemed to have an exchange of words with "The Show" Robby Starr after his loss to "The Black Superman" Onyx.

After the loss, Robby ends up outside the ring on the floor, in which Arnold helps him back to his feet and rolls him back into the ring and into the waiting arms of Onyx, who gives Robby one final power slam for his trouble.

Was this is a coincidence or is there more to the story?

Video courtesy of Terrie Hoover

New Ohio Wrestling CEO, Donnie Hoover, talks with Brent LaLonde on ASF TV

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