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Executive Leadership Team


Donnie Hoover, Founder/President


A.K.A. Shank Dorsey is a 21 year veteran of the ring wars.  During his heyday with various regional promotions, he was known for a hard-nosed, no-nonsense, style of wrestling. He is often remembered for his classic promotions, masterful understanding, and execution of ring psychology and taking his matches to the extreme.  Today, as a responsible wrestling promoter he looks to bring the iconic brand of regional wrestling similar to the 80’s Georgia Championship Wrestling and Al Haft’s Midwest Wrestling Association (1910 -1960) back to Columbus, Ohio.


Terrie Hoover, Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Terrie Hoover has been involved with professional wrestling for 21 years, along with her husband Donnie Hoover. When Donnie started wrestling training back in 1997, Terrie got involved as well and started helping with working the cameras, music, sound and mics, etc. She has seen a lot in professional wrestling and has a great mind for the business. Her vision for family friendly entertainment is prominent in New Ohio Wrestling and is a staple on what this company is based upon to this day.

Terrie Hoover in the news

Courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Body-slamming antics gaining traction through wrestling events in Grove City


Grove City Trail of Terror taking spooky fun to the limit

Courtesy of 614 Magazine
…And In This Corner

Courtesy of Columbus Alive

The Wrestler



Alvin E. Burzynski, APR, Executive Officer (XO)

Prior to joining NOW in 2019, Burzynski has served in executive leadership positions with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Advertising and Public Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Charlie Foxtrot Group and a multitude of not-for-profit organizations serving military veterans and their families.

During Burzynski’s nearly 25 years of professional experience, he has worked alongside organizations such as WWE, UFC, Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) MLB, the Arnold’s Sports Festival, MLS, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, NHRA, ABL and several Ohio based independent wrestling promotions. 


His contributions included providing marketing and community relations support to leading in the development and execution of successful business strategies.


Eric Marcum, Assistant to the Executive Officer (XO) and Community Affairs Liaison 

Eric Marcum A.K.A. Eric Smalls has been entertaining the masses since the tender age of 15 when he broke into the sports entertainment industry.  His professional accomplishments include holding multiple championships on the independent wrestling circuit, touring with the globally iconic band Mötley Crüe and performing on professional wrestling’s grandest stage WrestleMania (34) alongside the New Day.

A steadfast supporter of the armed forces, veterans and their families he volunteers his time in support of the Fallen 15’s Honor.Celebrate.Inspire. initiative.  Visit his official website at

In the news courtesy of the Chillicothe Gazette

Disclaimer: No direct or implied endorsement by the Department of Defense or WWE.

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