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Established in 2015, New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) is a combined live entertainment and media group providing family-friendly wrestling programming, licensing and branding of merchandising of consumer products featuring independent professional wrestlers under the NOW business enterprise umbrella.

NOW founder Donnie Hoover ’s illustrious career in the industry nearly spans 21 years as an in-ring performer, trainer, and promoter.

In 2019, NOW joined Forces with Al Burzynski, founder, Charlie Foxtrot Group, to lead the professional wrestling renaissance in America’s 14th largest city, Columbus, Ohio. 


During the Golden Era of professional wrestling, Columbus was home to Al Haft’s Midwest Wrestling Alliance (MWA) from late 1910 to the mid-1960s.  In fact, MWA was a founding member of the historic National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

As a good standing wrestling promotion with the Ohio Athletic Commission (OAC) we are positioning ourselves to be the premiere Ohio wrestling promotion in Central Ohio and beyond by:


  • Developing a branded location-based (Columbus, Ohio) entertainment business directly or through licensing agreements, joint ventures or other arrangements.


  • Creating expansive storylines through the lens of contemporary themes.


  • Identifying and cultivating young talent, providing them a training ground to hone their skills while allowing rising wrestling stars a place where they can shine and further promote themselves as they aspire to move up in the professional wrestling ranks.


  • Continue to develop interactive broadcast programming with the intent of developing weekly, local and statewide broadcast television programming in cooperation with our strategic partners.

  • Increasing our marketing, community affairs, and public relations efforts.

  • Creating and expanding licensing of intellectual properties and branded merchandise through direct and interactive sales.

  • Selling NOW advertising time during NOW broadcast (television and interactive) and product placements during live events.

  • Improving our presence on the internet to further promote the NOW brand, generate additional revenue streams and provide Central Ohio independent wrestling fans with a channel for interactive communication.

To request a New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) Investment or Sponsorship Presentation contact the NOW Executive Officer (XO)

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