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NOW 2: Battles for the Band

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New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) was proud to announce its 2nd show on Saturday January 23rd, 2016 at Groveport Madison Middle School Central (Junior High School).


This was a fundraiser for The Groveport Madison Marching Band to support a worthy cause!


Bell Time was 7 PM and doors open at 6 PM.


The matches results for NOW 2:


  • "The Words Most Huggable Wrestler" Bryan Castle vs. "The Appalachian Outlaw" Jock Samson


Jock starts the event doing what he does best and that is getting on the mic and insulting the good people of Groveport. After a hard hitting opening match, Jock gets the win over Castle with a roll and a little help with his foot on the ropes.

  • Graham Wellington & "The Black Superman" Onyx vs. "The Stretcher" James Avery & "The Professional" Brandon Fields

Onyx and Wellington get the duke in this one as a mishap between Avery & Fields causes Avery to get cut in half by a spear from "The Black Superman".


  • “Sweet Dreams” Sless Taylor vs. “No Shame” Jimmy Shane

Jimmy Shane came out for his match against Sless Taylor, but he didn't come alone. Robby "Super" Starr, finally making his appearance in New Ohio Wrestling, accompanied his "Winners" team mate to the ring. Robby's presence proved to be the deciding factor as he slid a chain to a downed Jimmy Shane who proceeded to catch Sless off guard with a sucker punch to the chin for the win. 

  • "The White Trash Maniac" Ron Mathis vs. "True Grit" Bruce Grey


Two best friends going toe-to-toe in this one. Mathis, looking like momentum was on his side, catches a kick downstairs from his good buddy Bruce who lands a nasty DDT on the ring apron for the pin.


  • "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon vs. Joshua Singh

Jeff Cannon demanded this match as a result of the attack on him at NOW 1 from Singh. Singh starts the match on the mic, once again, claiming he's the best in New Ohio Wrestling and is going to prove it tonight. That proved to NOT be the case as "Big Guns" hits his "Heavy Artillery" maneuver to finish off Singh.

  • "Darkstar" Matt Taylor vs. “Agent Orange” Juice Jennings

Another grudge match stemming from the results of NOW 1 when, in the main event of NOW 1, Juice beat Sless Taylor and then proceeded to pummel him after the match causing Matt Taylor to come out from the locker room to break it up. This was a fantastic match up that ended with Taylor catching Juice with a cutter coming off the top rope and then slapped on the Koji Clutch for the tap out victory.

  • “The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine  vs Robby "Super" Starr


The main is expected to deliver on any card and this one delivered in a big way. Of course Robby was accompanied to ring side by Jimmy Shane. A great back and forth match that ended up with Robby, using the same chain that Jimmy Shane used earlier, knocked Fontaine silly with a shot to the chin with the chain wrapped around his wrist.


While Starr was being declared the victor, the Groveport Madison Marching Band directors had seen enough from these two and stormed to ringside to inform the ref of The Winners shenanigans. When the ref goes to check Starr, the chain falls from Robby's armpit, where he was hiding it, and immediately restarts the match.

The match continues and as Jimmy is getting chased and scolded by one of the band directors as the others help Fontaine give The Winners a little payback before Fontaine picks up the win after hitting Starr with a reverse bulldog. 



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