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After many years of running professional wrestling events, we kept getting requests from wrestlers looking for a place to workout. We also were getting requests from people wanting to train to become professional wrestlers. 


On a personal level, Donnie was also wanting to find a place to get in the ring to exercise and workout. There was no place around that offered these services, so we decided to create a place ourselves and the WrestleFit Training Center, and this unique concept, was born. 


We would love to introduce you to the WrestleFit Training Center and all that it has to offer. 

The WrestleFit Training Center was born out of necessity so that pro wrestlers could train and keep in shape and, in a very short amount of time, has evolved into so much more. 


It has quickly transformed into a safe place for people of all ages, heights, shapes, and sizes to utilize in a fun and unique way to get the exercise, cardio, nutrition, strength, as well as, pro wrestling training that you desire. 


WrestleFit TC will be the most up-to-date training and fitness center of it's kind offering:


- A full sized 16' professional wrestling ring 

- Fitness and workout equipment 

- WrestleFit - A series of fitness/cardio training programs centered on the warm up and cardio training of professional wrestling. All the fun of being in a pro wrestling ring, without all the bumps and bruises. 

- Ring time for trained professional wrestlers 

- Professional wrestling training for new members

- Nutritional supplements and "Done-For-You" meals

We are excited about the possibilities of the WrestleFit Training Center Fill out the form below for more information

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