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NOW 11: Anarchy at the Arnold 2


New Ohio Wrestling and Kickmaster Footgolf presented NOW 11: Anarchy at the Arnold 2 – LIVE

New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) was proud to announce its 2nd event in the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo on Saturday March 2nd and 3rd, 2019 at the Bricker Building at the Expo located at 717 E. 17th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211

Here's what's went down at this year’s Anarchy at the Arnold weekend.



***Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Championship Tournament***

This tounament featured 4 men in an elimination style tournament. 2 men competed in 2 separate matches and the winner of each match competed for the chance to become the first ever Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Champion!

The 2 matches for this tournament were:


  •  "The Professional" Brandon Fields v "The Black Superman" Onyx


A solid effort by both men in this match. Brandon Fields gave onyx all he could handle but, it was just not enough, as the current New Ohio Wrestling champion couldn’t handle the power of Onyx and lost his shot on becoming the first ever Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo champion. Onyx advances to the championship match.



  • “The Show" Robby “Super” Starr v "Darkstar" Matt Taylor


Everyone knew that this match was going to be a barn burner and it did not disappoint. A back and forth match between two ring veterans that know each other really well. These men have met many many times in the past and the odds-on favorite was for “The Darkstar” to advance to the championship match.


Matt Taylor seemed to be in control and on the verge on advancing but you can never count out Robby Starr, especially when Ripper Blackhart is in his corner to lend a distracting hand. In the end, “The Show” Robby “Super” Starr comes away with the win and a rematch collision with “The Black Superman” Onyx for the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Championship.



***Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Championship Finals***


  • “The Show" Robby “Super” Starr v "The Black Superman" Onyx


This match had more impact on the history of New Ohio Wrestling than anyone could have ever imagined. A rematch from NOW 10 that would change the course of this company forever.


Another rematch of power, this match was back and forth, just like their last encounter. Neither man wanted to give an inch and it appeared as though it was going to be a matter of who wanted it more.


It appeared that Robby Starr was wearing Onyx down a little bit and had things under control. He seemed to have finally started to figure out how to conquer this mastodon of a man. And that’s when it happened.


The man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wandered up to ringside to get a good look. He was checking out the action and decided to do a live Snapchat to show his followers the first ever professional wrestling at the Kids & Teens Expo.


This caught the attention of Robby Starr who decided to stop his attack on Onyx and start posing into Arnold’s camera and jaw jacking at him. Giving Onyx the time needed to recover, Robby went up top to finish Onyx off with a moonsault and Onyx rolled out of the way.


This gave Onyx the second he needed to hit Robby Starr with a big spear and get the pin to become the first ever Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Champion.


Not seeming to be able to learn his lesson, Robby starts pointing fingers and accuses Arnold of distracting him. Still not paying attention, Robby ends up face first on the mat and rolls out of the ring. Right to where Arnold was standing.


After listening to Robby’s constant taunting, Arnold decides to assist Robby by rolling him back into the ring. It just so happens that, “The Black Superman” was there waiting for him and gave Robby a thunderous power slam that almost broke the ring in half.


Robby’s manager, Ripper Blackhart, has filed a complaint with New Ohio Wrestling stating that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s distraction cost Robby the title and demands a rematch. I think it’s safe to say that this Robby/Onyx thing is far from over.




***Anarchy at the Arnold 2 Tournament***

Anarchy at the Arnold 2 was a 57-match round robin tournament with 57 of our wrestlers. These wrestlers will face each other in a series of matches with the winners of the match getting 2 points, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

Participants for the Anarchy at the Arnold tournament 2 were:

 Group A


  • Paragon

  • "The Made Man" Gino DeCapo

  • "The Handlebar haberdasher" Marion Fontaine

  • JaXon Argos

  • "Electric" Jake Ely

  • Crosshairs Kelly

  • Chuck The Truck

  • "Big Fish" Rembowski

Group B


  • "The Savage Gentleman" Victor Benjamin

  • J-Rocc

  • "The Dominican Hercules" Luis Casanova

  • Pat The Bruiser

  • "Sweet Dreams" Sless Taylor

  • "The Theif of Hearts" Aren Daniel Norman

  • “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams

  • "The Systematic" Eric Fallen


The Anarchy at the Arnold 2 tournament was everything we had hoped it would be and definitely lived up to the hype from the first one. One thing to note is that Marion Fontaine was doing very well in the tournament on day 1 but was attacked by Gino DeCapo in the locker room and was unable to compete on day 2. “Darkstar” Matt Taylor stepped in to replace Fontaine on Day 2.


A long weekend with a lot of bumps and bruises. At the end of day 2 it was JaXon Argos and “Sweet Dreams” Sless Taylor that won their respective brackets and headed to the championship match to see who was going to be the winner of Anarchy at the Arnold 2.


A fantastic finals match. Lots of action, lots of fan interaction, lots of fun. This one could have went either way but, at the end of the night, “Sweet Dreams” Sless Taylor become your 2019 Anarchy at the Arnold 2 Champion.



***Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camp***



Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy, along with New Ohio Wrestling, and Kickmaster Footgolf were happy to host the 2nd annual, OPWA Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camps! These 2 hour sessions gave people the opportunity to get in the ring, learn and preform some of the techniques of professional wrestling, cut promos in front of a large crowd, and take pictures and videos of themselves inside the ring!


Everyone who completed the training camp received a certificate of completion, and the best performer of the weekend will receive FREE ADMISSION to the Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy to learn all the tricks of the trade, a $1500 value.


 ***Pro Wrestling Matches***

  • Lady Frost v "All Hero" Rudy Jordan v Adriana


These three women went all out and gave everything they had, but in the end, it was Lady Frost who came away with the victory.



  • J.R. Judy v Baker


JR gave it his best shot but couldn’t avoid the big choke slam from The Baker to get the win.

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