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NOW 9: Fields vs Onyx


New Ohio Wrestling and Kickmaster Footgolf presented NOW 9: Fields vs Onyx – LIVE

***Special Added Attraction***


Bob "Hardcore" Holly was on hand at NOW 9 for autograph and photo opportunities!!!

New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) was proud to announce its next event in Grove City, OH on Saturday July 14th, 2018 at Kickmaster Footgolf located at 1700 Dyer Rd, Grove City, Ohio 43123.

Door opened at 6PM and Bell Time was 7 PM.

Here is the results for NOW 9: Fields vs Onyx


*Match 2 in the Best-of-5 Series* (Sless is up 1-0)*

  • "The Natural" Ethan Wright v "Sweet Dreams" Sless Taylor 


Another classic match between these two. Lots of high flying, technical, and power wrestling with Ethan Wright evening up the series 1-1 with a tainted victory.



  • Queen Aminata v “The Half Pint Punk” Eric Smalls


Lady Frost was unable to appear at this event, for her scheduled match, so the Queen came out, berated the good folks of Grove City, OH, and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. With the challenge issued, and to the surprise of the NOW Nation, her challenge was accepted by none other than “The Half Pint Punk” Eric Smalls.


This was a fun match for the fans with Eric Smalls catching Queen Aminata off guard and gets the pin with a roll up.



  • Robby “Super” Starr v Chuck “The Truck”


Robby Starr, still upset over his not winning the New Ohio wrestling Championship back at NOW 8, is scheduled to go one on one with a debuting Chuck “The Truck”. Chuck held his own very well here but, in the end, it was Robby’s experience that was the deciding factor with Robby getting the win.



  • Nick Cutler v "The Dominican Hercules" Luis Casanova


Nick Cutler hasn’t been around since NOW 1, where he tagged with Colin Cambridge, but wanted to come in and reestablish himself in the singles division. He faced off against the powerful Luis Casanova and had a tough challenge ahead of him.


While coming out to the ring, Cutler took it upon himself to look over at Bob “Hardcore” Holly and have some unkind words for him. Not sure what he was thinking messing with someone as dangerous as “Hardcore” Holly.


This was a pretty good match with lots of back and forth action. The match ended with Nick Cutler getting the dirty win with a hand full of tights.


“Hardcore” Holly, tired of Cutler’s constant shenanigans, comes down to ringside and interjects himself into the ruckus. He gets the refs attention and explains that Cutler had a hand full of tights. This brings NOW owner Donnie Hoover to ringside to get involved and make a decision. Hoover’s thoughts mirrored Holly’s and referee, Peachy Rodriguez, was ordered to restart the match.


As Cutler was arguing with Hoover, Casanova capitalizes on the second chance restart and hits Cutler with a big move for the win. All while “Hardcore” Holly was still standing in the ring ironically.


After the pin and loss by Cutler, Holly decides to add insult to injury and give Cutler a little bit of a beating, to the delight of the crowd, for the comments he was making towards Holly all match.



  • "The Savage Gentleman" Victor Benjamin v "Darkstar" Matt Taylor


In one of the more anticipated matches of the evening, this one lived up to the hype and was a clear cut candidate for match of the night. A fantastic match with a ton of highlights, but in the end, it was the Darkstar getting the win. This one could have went either way.



*Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens Expo Qualifying Match*


  • “Agent Orange” Juice Jennings v Paragon


Another match up with “match of the night” possibilities, Juice comes out and grabs the mic to rant and rave more about the conspiracy against him by New Ohio Wrestling Management. A good competitive match with Juice getting the win by, once again, not “playing by the rules”.



*NOW Championship Match*


  • "The Professional" Brandon Fields v "The Black Superman" Onyx


At NOW 8, the match to crown the first ever New Ohio Wrestling Champion was a controversial match to say the least. Fields, out on his feet, was pushed off the ropes and onto an unconscious Paragon by Mark Koval, just as Onyx hit Robby Starr with a Choke Slam. Both wrestlers got the pin but Fields collapsed onto his opponent a mere 1 second before Onyx, getting the win.


To decide who the champ should be, once and for all, these two men will settle it in the middle of the ring. Obviously, Onyx is the hands on favorite, but never underestimate the craftiness of The Winners.


The match started with a lot of cat and mouse tactics from Brandon Fields, trying to get under the skin of Onyx and disrupt his game. This works for a while until Onyx finally gets his hands on him. After that, it was pretty much all Onyx from there on out.


Onyx finally hits the Spear, for the certain win, and goes for the cover. As the ref starts the count, Robby “Super” Starr comes out from the back and grabs Lil O and drags her to the back. Onyx sees this and uncovers Fields to go after Robby and to get Lil O back.


He handles Robby relatively quickly and he and Lil O rush back to the ring, only to be counted out just as he approaches the ring apron, causing Brandon Fields to with the match by count out and retain the New Ohio Wrestling Championship.

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