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NOW 4: Battles for the Band 2

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New Ohio Wrestling presented NOW 4: Battles for the Band 2 - LIVE!

New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) was proud to announce its second fundraiser on Saturday February 11, 2017 at Groveport Madison Middle School Central (Junior High School).

This was a fundraiser for The Groveport Madison Marching Band. Thank you to those who came out and supported a worthy cause!

Here are the results from NOW 4: Battles for the Band 2:


  • “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams vs. Robby "Super" Starr


If you want to start a wrestling event hot and heavy, then you start a wrestling event out with Williams vs Starr. An excellent match that set the bar high for the rest of the card with Williams coming out on top with his patented kick to the head.


  • “The Dream” Daniel Winchester vs. “Agent Orange” Juice Jennings


For the second event in a row, Juice Jennings opponent was unable to make it. As a result, Juice is starting to suggest that NOW management is conspiring against him. To take the spot of an injured Matt Brannigan, collegiate wrestler Daniel Winchester steps in on a days’ notice to fill the spot and face Juice Jennings.


Winchester gives it a great effort but Juice just had too much experience on him. Juice worked on Winchesters ankle for most of the match and finishes him off with an ankle lock for the submission.


  • Sherman Tank, “Sweet Dreams” Sless Taylor, & Urijah Baylor vs. “No Shame” Jimmy Shane, "The Stretcher" James Avery & "The Professional" Brandon Fields


Anything can happen is six-man matches and this one was no different. With the new formed team of “The Winners”, consisting of James Avery, Brandon Fields, Jimmy Shane and Robby Starr, the new group came out with a cockiness that has yet to be dealt with in New Ohio Wrestling.


After a very good start, and a lot, of hard hitting back and forth action, The Winners were not successful in their 6-man debut as Sless Taylor, was able to avenge his loss to Jimmy Shane and, gets the pin for his team with a 450 front splash off the top rope.


  • "The White Trash Maniac" Ron Mathis vs Trik Nasty w/Ripper Blackhart


Ripper Blackhart brings, the seasoned veteran, Trik Nasty to NOW and vows to take over the heavyweight division. That’s a bold statement to make knowing he has to bring Trik in to face Ron Mathis. Trik and Ripper’s winning streak never got off the ground as Ripper tries to trip Ron Mathis from the outside and trips Trik instead. During the confusion, Ron Mathis was able to get Trik Nasty up in the torture rack for the submission win.



  • “The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine vs. “The Appalachian Outlaw” Jock Samson


This match was as entertaining and exciting as it was expected to be. Jock doesn’t come out alone as he brings his tag team partner, Magnum CK, out to ringside with him. Of course, Magnum gets involved, when needed, to keep Jock in control for most of the match.


This match involved many factors such as the debut of the Jock Samson Dab Elbow, Marion Fontaine taking Jock over to the band and forcing him to direct the band that he hates, among many other unexpected things.


Fontaine seemed to have Jock beat, but as Magnum CK gets up on the ring apron and distracts referee Tim Tatum, Jock gets his bull rope and plants the cowbell right upside the head of Marion Fontaine for the win.


After the match, Jock and Magnum attacks Fontaine to try to put him away for good, but Onyx comes out and stops them from preventing any further damage to Fontaine.


  • "The Black Superman” Onyx vs. Magnum CK


Since Magnum and Onyx were both out there, and wanted to get involved in the Samson/Fontaine match, referee Tim Tatum demands that their match start right away and calls for the bell, as Jock Samson and Marion Fontaine fight to the back locker room.


After a hard hitting powerfest, Magnum CK appears to be ready to finish off Onyx and he hits a belly to belly suplex. As CK goes for the pin, Jock Samson and Marion Fontaine come from behind the locker room curtains and are still fighting. This distracts Magnum CK just enough for Onyx to hit Magnum CK with the spear for the win.



​​                                                          MAIN EVENT


  • "Darkstar" Matt Taylor vs. "True Grit" Bruce Grey – Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match


Another highly anticipated match that did not disappoint. This match was fast and furious with the first fall going to Matt Taylor, after Bruce hits him with an intentional low blow in front of the ref. This puts Taylor up 1-0 but Bruce capitalizes quickly from his low blow on Taylor as he hits Taylor with his patented DDT to even it up 1-1.


After another 10 minutes of these two combatants beating the mess out of each other and near pin falls, the Darkstar finally gets his 2nd and deciding win in the match after a Double Stomp to the head from the top rope, that lead to a Super Kick to Bruce’s face, that lead to the Koji Clutch submission that finally gets Bruce to tap out, giving the victory to Matt Taylor.

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