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NOW 8: A Champion is Crowned

New Ohio Wrestling and Kickmaster Footgolf presented NOW 8: A Champion is Crowned – LIVE

New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) was proud to announce its next event in Grove City, OH on Saturday April 14th, 2018 at Kickmaster Footgolf located at 1700 Dyer Rd, Grove City, Ohio 43123.

Door opened at 6PM and Bell Time is 7 PM.

Here is the results for NOW 8: A Champion is Crowned


  • "The Spray Tanned Steven Spielberg" Derek Direction v "The New Beginning" Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham


Two newcomers to New Ohio Wrestling but certainly no strangers to the squared circle. An entertaining back and forth match with Dr. Daniel getting the win with a spin out type of powerbomb.


  • "The Prince of Broadway" Frankie Flynn v Crosshairs Kelly


This was a match of power and nastiness with Crosshairs coming out on top with a modified sit out power slam.


  • Pat The Bruiser v "The Dominican Hercules" Luis Casanova


Another match of power. And I mean this match was ALL power. Two big strong men hitting head on made this match a fun one to watch. In the end it was Pat The Bruisers vicious clothes line that made the difference.


*Match 1 in the Best-of-5 Series*

  • "The Natural" Ethan Wright v "Sweet Dreams" Sless Taylor


The first match in what can possibly be considered one of the most exciting series of matches seen in a long time. This match was everything it was expected to be  and set the bar for the rest of the series, as well as, the rest of the card.


Lots of high flying, lots of technical wrestling, lots of power moves with Sless take Match # 1 with the 450 front splash. Easily in the running for match of the night.



  • Buddy The Bulldog v “The Half Pint Punk” Eric Smalls

Fresh off their Wrestlemania appearance, this match has been dubbed “the battle to see who is the best New Day Pancake”. When it was all said and done, that ended up being Eric Smalls after a miscue from Buddy gave Eric a chance to land his patented worm, into a headstand, into a leg drop for the pin.


  • “Agent Orange” Juice Jennings v “Electric” Jake Ely


Juice continued to make the claims that there is a conspiracy against him by New Ohio Wrestling Management. He is obsessed with proving his theory true. During his tirades he may have taken Jake lightly as Ely gave Juice all he could handle.


A very impressive debut for Jake Ely here but, as he always seems to do, Juice pulls another one out of thin air and gets the tap out win with the ankle lock.


*4-Way Match for the New Ohio Wrestling Championship*


  • Robby “Super” Starr v "The Black Superman" Onyx v Paragon v "The Professional" Brandon Fields


In the match that everyone came to see, this match determined who would become the first ever New Ohio Wrestling Champion. With Onyx as the clear favorite to win the championship, people were still putting their money on Robby Starr as he will have his cohort and manager with him in this match.


This match was all about Onyx’s power, Paragon’s drive, and The Winners double teaming skills. With Onyx and Starr on the outside of the ring, Paragon hits Fields with a series of knee strikes that leaves Fields out on his feet dangling on the ropes.


Starr makes his way back into the ring and hits Paragon with the Starr Struck to stop his momentum, and turns around into an Onyx Choke Slam for his trouble. As Onyx was hitting the Choke Slam, Mark Koval reaches up and pushes a dazed Brandon Fields onto Paragon just 1 mere second before Onyx gets the pin on Starr, thus making Brandon Fields your first ever New Ohio Wrestling Champion.

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