In 2015 New Ohio Wrestling (NOW) formed a strategic partnership with Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy (OPWA) owned and operated by James Avery.

Avery broke into the business nearly 20 years ago under the tutelage of 2009 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Dory Funk Jr.  Throughout his accomplished career in the ring, as a promoter and now as a trainer, he has entertained fans from coast-to-coast in small intimate venues to the grandest stages in the industry.


OPWA's training philosophy is the word success comes before work only in the dictionary.  Basically, what you put in is what you get out.  Therefore, OPWA is very selective about the athletes they will train.

OPWA's training curriculum provided by Coach Avery and his team of successful subject matter experts:

  • Comprehensive in-ring training with a strong emphasis on fundamentals and safety

  • Square-circle (ring psychology)

  • Media and community relations training

  • Character development

  • Cutting promos and interviews

  • Professional Etiquette

  • Branding and protecting your intellectual property

  • Networking and building professional relationships

  • How to better market yourself to sponsors, promoters and other business entities who may be interested in personal appearances, endorsing products, etc.

  • Learn from World Champion guest trainers such as Rhyno (profile courtesy of Heightline)

For more information contact

614-654-6792 (OPWA)