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The NOW Training Center Partners With Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy!

The NOW Training Center and the Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy has partnered up to bring the best possible pro wrestling training there to Central Ohio.

The training center is located at 625 Eastgate Pkwy - Unit 6137 in Blacklick, OH and will be offering a full range of professional wrestling training.

This package is an innovative professional wrestling training program, led by Ohio Pro Wrestling Academy, that gives you access to the NOW Training Center, its coaches, and all of the amenities.

What's included: [During Training Hours Only]

- A training program where you will learn the fundamentals of professional wrestling.

Training includes:


*In-ring training with strong emphasis on fundamentals

*Timing, pacing, footwork and positioning

*Marketing yourself to potential promoters





*Running the Ropes






*Match & ring psychology

*Character Development

*Promos and interviews

*And much more...

- Use of our 18' professional wrestling ring

- Access to our workout and fitness equipment

- Access to guest trainers to help you train or give you advice (when available)

- Access to any of the Challenge programs (FREE to members)

For more information on how you can get started training for a path in professional wrestling Click Here!

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